About Us

It probably goes without saying, but the quality of your people directly impacts the quality of your business. Today’s leaders must be able to anticipate and respond to continuous change, requiring a learning ability and leadership agility of the highest order. With the speed of today’s business cycle, you cannot afford to make the wrong hire and risk losing valuable ground on your competitors – finding, attracting, and retaining top talent is a business imperative.

Gravitas was founded in 2007 by senior leaders who had been customers of retained search throughout their executive careers. Through those experiences, our founders saw both the good and the bad the industry had to offer. Based on those initial learnings, an intense focus on results, and an adherence to only the highest ethical standard - Gravitas was built with the client in mind, offering an approach to Executive Search that goes beyond traditional search and guarantees results in a way that currently is unrivaled in the marketplace.

Our interests align not only to find the high-level talent that our clients need, but we ensure that our placements begin adding value quickly and are poised for long-term success. Therefore, through our 3-year Gravitas Guarantee(TM), we “put our money where our mouth is” and guarantee our results in a way that goes far beyond our competitors. Our clients are then assured that we are not only attracting talent with the requisite technical qualifications, but are identifying the executives that possess the intangible cultural characteristics that make them the right long-term fit. Learn more about the Gravitas Guarantee here

We place an intense focus on the quality of the candidates that we recruit. Generally our final candidate slates possess anywhere from two to five executives, and we pride ourselves in the fact that our clients often have trouble deciding between candidates, because they want to hire them all. And, not only do we deliver quality candidates, but we understand that today’s business climate demands that we do so quickly, and without compromising quality. Learn more about our Industry-Leading Performance Metrics here.

“I have never had an experience where each final candidate - without exception - walked into the interview telling me how exceptional their search firm’s service has been.”

-Fortune 500 Hospitality CMO