Gravitas Guarantee

Most executive search firms offer a guarantee that averages slightly more than 8 months, which is barely long enough for you to get a sense of your new hire’s capability. Even with the longest guarantees currently available from the largest firms—12 months—there is little time to assess whether the new executive is really the right person for the role. And, if the executive leaves one day after your guarantee expires, you are left with another search fee to pay for the same role. We at Gravitas don’t think this the right way to do business, so we created the Gravitas Guarantee(TM).

The Gravitas GuaranteeTM provides assurance that a new hire placed by Gravitas is the right person for the job – not only possessing the requisite technical qualifications, but also the right cultural fit for your organization. By offering an unprecedented three-year guarantee on our placements, we have “skin in the game” and thus continue to work with you and your new executive well beyond their first day on the job to ensure lasting success for both parties.

If a new hire placed by us is terminated for performance-related reasons during his or her first year of employment, we will conduct a new search to replace that candidate for no additional retainer fee. If an executive we place with you is released for performance reasons beyond the first 12 months, and up to 36 months in the role, Gravitas will provide a credit to your company. The amount of credit is based on the length of time that the executive has worked in the role. Credits can be used to offset retainer fees for a new Gravitas search to fill the same position.

By offering the unique guarantee, you can rest assured that Gravitas is working as a partner to find a long-lasting and successful fit for your executive roles.

Gravitas offers an unprecedented three-year guarantee on our executive placements.

We believe this is the right way to do business.